Backline rentals started out as a retail store called Central Music in 1981.Rentals were part of the business at that time. When I closed the doors to Central Music in 1995 Backline rentals was established. Originally the entire rental inventory that Central Music had was rolled over into the inventory of Backline rentals. We specialized in Hammond B-3 rentals and just grew from there.
We have been under the same ownership since the beginning.


Our commitment to our customers and music is well known. We supply many of the major artists coming through town with back-line equipment, supplies, parts, repairs, service and even sound systems and road crews.

Our client list is to large too list individually but some of the highlights were working with many of the legends of the industry.

We are vendor of choice for many venues thought out northern Ohio based out of Cleveland. We've been as far as Cancune, Mexico and Ottawa, Canada. We can cover an 8 state area but usually limit ourselves to a 250-mile radius of Cleveland for the clients benefit. After that it becomes cost prohibitive to travel. We would gladly refer you to other local venders in your area we have worked with in the past that could service your account in other cities beyond that range. Our bids are very competitive.